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iPowerWeb Web Hosting
Their Business Pro plan integrated web hosting solution that accommodate all of your eBusiness needs. ... read full review
IXWebHosting Web Hosting
Offer several web hosting packages to cater for small business, medium-sized or large corporation at very competitive price... read full review
BlueHost Web Hosting
Offer only one plan but their web hosting plan comprises almost all features you need for your small to medium online business. read full review
Hostony Web Hosting
Host 10 Websites in 1 hosting account. One of the dynamic web hosts that constantly perfecting their plan features. read full review
Hostgator Web Hosting
Host Unlimited Websites in Baby hosting plan. Technical and sales support is available 24/7. read full review

Web Hosting Services

To choose a web host for your website, you must be very careful and you must be sure that the host you are going to choose for your website is reliable and fulfill your hosting needs. Among various points, you must also be aware of the services they provide.

But the question is, what kind of services are provided by the hosts? Here in this article I will try to tell you about the major web site hosting services. A web hosting service is the service that is required for hosting a site.

Types of Services

Selection of operating System
First of all you will have to decide that what operating system is fit for your website. The two most commonly used operating systems are Linux and windows. People who use Linux, as operating system may know the advantages of Linux operating system over windows. Similarly Linux hosting also has lots of advantages over widows hosting like less spamming and hacking, much more stable and robust, faster in processing web pages and many more. Therefore most of you people try to get Linux web hosting services instead of windows hosting services

Technical Support services
A service that is not directly related to hosting services but it plays very important role in the repute of any host. In the most recent days customer must consider about the technical support while purchasing any hosting plan for his website

Technical support is a service used to help and solve problems with technical equipment, usually computer hardware and software

Other Necessary services
Many of the services are necessary for everyone who has a website and wanted to host it. But the requirement of every person is different. Such website hosting services are Bandwidth and Disk space etc.

Other Optional services
There are some personal web hosting services that are required by many users but are not fundamental services. Every one of you may not require them all. One of the very important web site hosting service is email-hosting service. Email hosting services includes the facility of sending and receiving emails. These e-mail hosting services also includes some extra features like mail filter.

For business sites you must require some extra services. No matter how small your enterprise is, if you want to flourish your business then you should take help from Internet. You must design your business site and then find a host for your website that may provide basic small business web hosting services. Small business hosting services includes shared, dedicated or virtual dedicated server, hard drive storage space and bandwidth. Shopping cart is the extra service to sell goods online.

After completing your web design phase, it is the time to host your website. While choosing the appropriate host for your site you must take into account these important web hosting services. You must go for the low cost web hosting services but also reliable one.

You will hear words like 25MB, bandwidth, ftp, email forwarding, php, cgi-bin and fantastico. All of these are things that are offered with different packages that you will find. Before you decide let's look at what you might need and how to know that you are receiving this.

Most website hosting companies will have their packages grouped by the various things they offer, of course the more you get the larger the price will be. The basic package is usually around 25MB of web space. This is how much space the hosting company will allow you to have on their web server. This is with shared hosting. There will be other websites also on this server with you, each with their own packages and amounts of space.

Bandwidth is how much data you are allow to use in a certain amount of time, usually monthly. Bandwidth is used each time you upload web pages, images, or some one visits your website. If you are only allowed a small amount of bandwidth like say 50MB then you may run out of bandwidth if you plan on adding a lot of pages, or you are expecting many visitors.

FTP is a way of getting into your website through the backdoor. This will enable you to upload your web pages, images and install scripts in a pretty easy fashion. All you need to do is place the folders in the proper place in the correct folder.

Email forwarding can be very useful. You can have any email that is sent to your website forwarded to another email account that you have. This way no matter how many websites you have you have all the emails forwarded to one main account.

PHP is a way in which website are coded. This is used for building scripts and even some template designs. Php is very popular for its fast loading time. Some php scripts will also require MySQL database. This is another feature that you can add. These databases are very fast loading and do not require any maintenance after they are up.

CGI-BIN is another way to host different scripts. If you wish to use cgi scripts you must be sure that you have a cgi-bin included in your hosting package. These are somewhat more difficult than php scripts but many people enjoy these types of scripts.

Fantastico is a compilation of several scripts that can be installed directly from your control panel.

You can search online for hosting companies and remember to compare. If you are just wanting a simple website you will probably not need all the extra goodies and normally no more than 25MB of web space and around 500MB of bandwidth should work. You may even wish to try some free hosting until you understand how everything works. But, remember more than likely you will be offered a sub-domain like yoursite.theirdomainname.com. This is not the best way to get web traffic, so I would only use a free hosting company that would allow your own domain name and check out paid hosting as well. Many of these paid hosting companies can give you so much more than a free-hosted site and the cost is not always tremendous.
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